White Tiger

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Jace’s Journal: Bye, bye

Yesterday we went to Cole’s birthday party and you were certainly a happy, friendly little guy.  You reached out to two different men we had just met (Cole’s grandpa and another family friend, Manny).  They held you for a while and you were happy and smiling; taking in the world.

This is the second time we have gone to a party and you were happy to be held by new friends.  You are so calm and confident of the good in others.  It is interesting to watch your interaction with other people and see the joy around you.  You are definitely teaching me to relax and look for the good.

When we were leaving the party, Manny was standing near the door and we were all waving and saying good bye.  Out of the blue, you waved your hand and said buh, buh, buh, buh, buh, buh…  It was so cute and we were all surprised.  We have not coached you on this and were not prompting you.  It definitely seemed like you wanted to tell your new friend good bye – so you did.  Too cute!

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Happy 6th Birthday Dax!

To my sweet boy Dax on your birthday,
I cannot believe that you are six today.  Six!  Six and strong, healthy, happy, wonderful.  You love to play, explore and figure.  You are always building something or on a magical adventure spying and seeking what lies ahead.  You are never without Legos or a car or something that you can build.  The Lego creations and train tracks you come up with are amazing.  You are thriving at your new school and it is awesome to watch you read, explore big numbers and learn about the world around you.  Listening to you read and sound out words is a daily joy.  We are so proud of you.

You are very particular about some things (how to play a game or build something) and easy going about others.  You love Cartoons and Cereal Saturdays, Park Tuesdays, watching The Duke Boys, going to Disney, swimming, playing the Wii, Star Wars, Lego Batman, and Legos, Legos, Legos.  You claim your favorite food is lobster but you usually devour crab legs faster.  You love banana, peanut butter and coconut sandwiches in your lunch and request these over PB&J every time.  You eat slowly and take your time going to sleep but you wake up and get ready easily.

You love your baby brother Jace and cannot wait to really be able to play with him.  Watching you two grow as brothers is so fun.  You are loving and gentle with him and include him so graciously in your life.  Often you “cook” a meal for Jace to match your own; gathering plates, bowls and wooden food for Jace so he has just the same food you do.  Your greatest hero and best friend is your dad, of course.  You and he are of the same mold, both vibrant and fun.  The life of the party.

Dax, you have changed my life forever.  It is from you that I have learned what love truly is.  You alone taught me to love fully, without question and with my whole being.  What a gift to know this kind of love and see it reflected in your beautiful eyes.  Eyes that change color with the day – gray one day, blue or green the next.

I love you my sweet boy and always will; forever, and ever, and always (just like our book says).

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Jace’s Journal: Your first fortune…

After a fun day spent at the farm for Dax’s birthday, we had Chinese take-out for dinner.  You picked your first fortune cookie and your fortune read:

Honesty and integrity are just some of your best attributes.

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For my boys…

Dax, when you were a baby you loved the Classical Baby movies; The Music, Art and Dace Shows. They feature a little baby boy who reminded us of you. He wore a diaper and had light brown stick up hair just like you. He had adventures conducting an orchestra or jumping into paintings and at the end he would craw off stage to his mama. We loved these videos as a family. Now we’ve gotten the videos out for you, Jace.

I looked to see if there have been any new Classical Baby movies made since the originals and, strangely enough, HBO just released a new one; The Poetry Show. This one features the same little boy only he comes walking out on his stage fully dressed (no more diaper) and says, “I’m all grown up now.”.  He looks about six years old, just like you Dax, and he reads from his poetry book.  We’re enjoying all of the Classical Baby movies again and my favorite segment from the new poetry show features this poem.

I doubt I will ever really be able to express to you in words how I love you both but this poem comes close.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach,
When feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day’s most quiet need,
by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use in my old griefs,
and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose with my lost saints.
I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears, of all my life;
and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death.
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Getting My Feet Wet

After months of saving and a bunch of research, my new camera is in my hands, a Nikon D3100.  Here is my first attempt at participating in a photo assignment.  I have read many blogs where people are doing Project 52 (one photo each week) and even Project 365 (every day, wow I can’t imagine the volume of photos involved in that). This week’s Let’s Do 52 assignment from Paint the Moon is 9/52: Play or Round.  I was going for Round in the rain drops.

This was edited using Paint the Moon’s Jubilee Simple.  It was my first attempt using PSE actions and, yes, it has taken me a while to figure out how to install them (correctly) and I just barely know how to use them.  I can see in all that I have read, learning about photography and editing is all about just doing it and seeing what happens.  This was my first attempt.

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